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u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

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*16 year old girl voice* um shut the fuck up thanks

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Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince  (via toodumbtocare)

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“I lived without out a computer and cell phone when I was your age.”

yeah well YOUR parents lived without a microwave and the polio vaccine but I don’t see you giving that up

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bout to take the ride of my life
i get way too sensitive when i get attached to someone. i can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly i’m spending all day trying to figure out what i did wrong. humans of new york - amman, jordan (via leunq)

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